Council Communist Collective


The end of World War Two set the stage for the subsequent 50 years of historical development. The world had been divided between the Soviet Union and the Western block. Capitalism, in its state dominated and traditional form, came to dominate the popular consciousness as the limit of history. In this post 68’ dearth, positive development of Marxist thought has been slow and arduous. While many Marxists have retreated into historical ponder, the lack of a phoenix-like labor movement has led to an incredible divide between actuality and the socialist milieu. All this while Capitalism continues to push the economy and the environment to the limit. To move past the present state of things and attain the near future, a future which holds a workers' world, all the skeletons in the closet must be brought out and laid bare.

Recently, in various countries worldwide, working class activity has come to prominence once more. With the reemergence of trade unionism in North America, the resurgence of workers’ councils in Iran, and new wave of social democrats all around the globe, the stage is set for a new period of class struggle. Capitalism is entering a phase of increased crisis, imperialist war, and global political instability. Actions taken today will shape the struggles which will come about tomorrow, and for this reason, it is imperative that the scientific socialists band together under a good theoretical roof. Unfortunately, the radical camp is still deeply entrenched in its own tendency, concerned solely with its own history. A sturdy portion of these radicals only yearn for an idealized version of “their own” past and “their own” historical “success”. To move past the incessant ghost of Bolshevist social democracy and utopianism, it is necessary for the radicals to once again become forward facing. Marxist thought and writing should be directed towards the workers movement in its interests and actualities, and that is the effort to which Council Communist Collective hopes to contribute. We publish theory, history and opinion to this end.