CCC Editorial Guidelines

If you are interested in publishing a piece on, please follow these guidelines before submitting a text for review. All pieces should be emailed to with a one paragraph summary attached. 

Length requirements vary according to the purpose of a text. The minimum length for an Opinion and Theory and Current Events publication is 1200 words. Long format pieces, 2500-20,000 words, are encouraged for the Historical  section.

All citations should be MLA formatted. 

All texts should be submitted in the form of Google Doc. The title should be formatted “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, Title.” 

Texts should be submitted with a one paragraph summary attached. 

Texts should list pertinent authors.

Texts should not speak in the first person. Texts should be semi-formal, not casual, not overly academic. Exceptions allowed.

Before submitting a text for review, make sure that there are little or no grammatical errors. Each piece should be thoroughly edited. The process of publication includes engaging in dialogue with an editor, but there is a limit to what editors are willing to engage with. It is heavily encouraged, especially for amateur authors, that texts should be discussed and drafted in the CCC discord before they are submitted for review.

Submissions will be sent back to be redrafted. Submissions will be edited and reviewed several times. Once a piece is ready for publication, an editor will send back a final draft, and if approved by the author, the text will be uploaded to the website. 


Texts which don't push the boundaries of discussion may be discarded according to their quality.