Current events

Editors note: 

This compiled series of reports spans 15 weeks of drought in Southern Spain. When I found these reports in a neglected discord channel I was immediately struck on a personal level. Workers experiencing the destructive effects of  global warming are hardly ever given a voice, and when they are, their "spotlight"  takes the form of snippet quotation. The personal nature of Miguel's writing makes these accounts a treasure trove in proletarian reporting. Unlike what other communist publications often indulge in, this piece is not an outsiders report.  The most laudable part of the reporting is that Miguel does not mince words or push an agenda other than that of proletarian revolution. 

The global importance of spreading this reporting is paramount. Miguel's message is clear: We must stop climate alarmism. We must change our agro-industrial system of production. We must conduct our communist revolution.

Social resentment explodes in the suburbs where thousands of young people are scraping by as best they can, between unemployment and job insecurity, legal and illegal shenanigans, with a hatred of the police that they have earned by repressive effort, trigger-happy, haughty.